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Degree Programs / Postgraduate Program

  The Graduate Institute of English Language and Literature was established in 1956 on the strength of the existing faculty and resources of the Department of English. The Institute is the first of its kind and is dedicated to the study of foreign languages and literatures in Taiwan. In addition to its M.A. programs, the Institute began to offer Ph.D. programs in Linguistics and Literature in 1986. In 1996, the Graduate Institute merged with the Department of English as a single teaching and research unit, offering B.A, M.A and Ph. D. programs. In 1999, the M.A and Ph. D programs are divided into three tracks: Literature, Linguistics and TESOL, all of which aim to develop research skills and train research-oriented college instructors and scholars in these fields.

  We have 177 M.A. students and 48 Ph.D. students. Only a few students are admitted through recommendation and screening, and most are admitted through the Graduate Entrance Examination.

  To encourage teachers to continue in-job training, the Department hosted its “Summer Program for English Teachers” from 1978 to 2001. In this Program English teachers must take 10 credits of coursework each summer, and complete the required credits within four years. Like the M.A. program, English teachers will be awarded certificate of completion, but not a degree, after finishing 40 credits. In 1999 the Department started to administer its “Summer M.A. TESL Program.” The participants are mainly junior high school and high school teachers (including vocational high schools); they must complete 32 credits in four years. After successfully passing the oral thesis defense, they are awarded an M.A. degree. However, in 2004 the number of required credits was raised to 36.

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I. Course stucture of M.A. and Ph.D. Program
*107 academic year

II. Course List of M.A. and Ph.D. Program
*Literature Section
*Linguistics Section
*TESOL Section

III. M.A. and Ph.D. Program Regulations

  *107 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
  *106 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
105 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
104 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
103 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
102 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
101 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
100 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
99 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
98 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
97 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus
96 M.A. & Ph.D. Program Prospectus

VI. Curriculum and course
*107.1 schedule and classroom  
   *106.2 schedule and classroom
   *106.1 schedule and classroom

V. Graduation-Related
    3.1 Oral defense of thesis/dissertation outline
*Notes for Thesis Proposal Hearing 106.2-107.1
*Guidelines for Thesis Proposal Hearing 107.1-107.2
Application Form for Advisor of Master Dissertation 
Application Form for Advisor of Doctoral Dissertation
Application Form for Thesis Proposal Hearing

        *Application Form for Dissertation Proposal Hearing
Application Form for Degree Oral Defense
Thesis Proposal Submission Form and Result Sheet (M.A.)

        *Dissertation Proposal Submission Form and Result Sheet (Ph.D.)

  3.2  Degree examination
Application Form for Degree Oral Defense (M.A. & Ph.D.)
*106-2 final procedures for graduation
thesis cover and back format MA
thesis cover and back format PhD

         *Notes for the Procedures of Thesis and Dissertation

VI. Curriculum Plan

       *Curriculum Plan

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