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The Honors Program in Advanced English

The Honors Program in Advanced English aims to provide students with advanced English language skills as well as essential knowledge about English cultures. The recruiting process takes place in March every year and the total number of students enrolled will be around 30. To complete the program, a total of 10 courses (20 credits) are required. Program diploma will be issued after students complete all the requirements.

Required Courses:

Intermediate Aural-oral Training in English (PGUK001)
News Media English (PGUK002)
Communication Skills in English (PGUK003)
Readings in English Prose (PGUK004)
English Group Discussion (PGUK005)
Guided Writing in English (PGUK006)
Oral Presentation in English (PGUK007)
Introduction to Translation (PGUK010) 
Studies in Cross-cultural Issues (PGUK009)
Topical Reporting in English (PGUK008) 

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