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Distinguished Chair Professor
Job titleNameResearch expertise
Chair ProfessorJen-kuei LiAustronesian Linguistics, Historical Linguistics
Chair ProfessorC.-T. James HuangSyntactic theory, syntax-semantics interface, Chinese linguistics
Chair ProfessorJackson T.-S. SunLingusitic structures and evolution in Sino-Tibetan and Austroasiatic languages
Chair ProfessorHongyin TaoChinese Linguistics, Teaching Chinese as Foreign/Second Language, Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Pragmatics
Job titleNameResearch expertise
Professor and ChairmanChen, Chun-Yin DorisLanguage Acquisition, Second/Foreign Language Acquisition, TESOL, Syntax
ProfessorChern, Chiou-LanEFL Reading, TESOL
ProfessorCheng, Yuh-showLanguage Anxiety; Individual Differences in Second Language Acquisition; EFL Teacher Education; EFL Writing Research
ProfessorSu, Tzu-ChungDrama, Literary Theory and Criticism
ProfessorChang, Shau-JuOral Communication, Cross-cultural Studies
ProfessorLiang, I-pingAsian American Literature, Native American Literatures
ProfessorTing, JenSyntax, Mandarin Syntax
ProfessorChang, Joan Literature and theory of autobiography, Asian American literature
ProfessorChen, Hao-Jan HowardComputer Assisted Language Learning, Technology Enhanced Language learning, Corpus Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition.
ProfessorLee, Hsiu-ChuanAsian American Literature;Women's Literature; Psychoanalysis and Film Studies
ProfessorChang, Miao-HsiaPragmatics, Discourse Analysis
ProfessorLin, Nissa Hui-shanPhonology, Optimality Theory
ProfessorHuang, Cory Han-yu demonic possession/Taiwan history and Literature/witness and testimony/ biopolitics/horror/psychoanalysis/Zizek/the posthuman
ProfessorMary A. Goodwin19th-century American Literature; Women Writers; Travel Writing and Issues of Expatriation, Place; Lyric; 19th-C Novel; Film
ProfessorLIN, Chih-chengComputer Assisted Language Learning
ProfessorWu, Hsiao-hung Iris Syntactic Theory, Comparative Syntax, Chinese Syntax, Austronesian Syntax, Semantics, Language Processing
ProfessorLiu, Yeu-Ting Ultimate attainment in adult SLA; L2 lexical representation/mental lexicon; L2 reading; L2 phonology; cognitive aspects of CALL
Associate ProfessorYeh, Hsi-Nan (Brian Yeh)Language Testing and Assessment, TESOL
Associate ProfessorLi, Jen-ISyntax, Semantics
Associate ProfessorHsu, Yueh-KueiTESOL
Associate ProfessorChu, His-chin JaneEFL Reading, TESOL
Associate ProfessorShao, Yuh-ChuanSpecial Topics in Faulkner, Trauma
Associate ProfessorWang, Hui-huaEnglish Literature, Religion
Associate ProfessorWu, Jing-Lan JoyFunctional Grammar, Formosan Syntax
Associate ProfessorHsieh, Miao-Linglinguistics, syntactic analysis, syntactic theories, language teaching
Associate ProfessorSu, Susan JungUrban Literature, Asian American Literature
Associate ProfessorSu, Hsi-YaoSociolinguistics, identity and language ideologies, language and gender
Associate ProfessorLo, Mei-LanTESOL
Associate ProfessorIoana LucaLife Writing, American Literature, American Studies, Eastern Europe and Post-Socialism, Memory Studies, Transnationalism, Graphic Narratives
Associate ProfessorChan, Shiao-hui Neurolinguistics
For details, see Neurolinguistics Lab website: http://neurolinguisticslabntnu.blogspot.tw
Associate ProfessorTseng, Jun-JieComputer Assisted Language Learning
Associate ProfessorChen, Lindseysemantics, language and culture
Associate ProfessorChang, PeichinLearning technologies, English for academic purpose (EAP)
Associate ProfessorJustin PrystashVictorian Literature and Culture, Science Studies, Science Fiction
Associate ProfessorAaron DevesonModern European (including British) poetry, modern American poetry, romanticism, cosmopolitanism
Associate ProfessorLin, Alan Ying-nanShakespeare
Associate ProfessorNing, Li-HsinArticulatory Phonetics, Acoustic Phonetics, Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Neurolinguistics
Associate ProfessorWang, Hung-chun Creativity and ELT; Language Creativity; Foreign Language Acquisition
Assistant ProfessorLin, Hsiu-LingComparative Literature, Modernism
Assistant ProfessorWu, Chia-chiFilm Cultural Studies
Assistant ProfessorWu, Mei-zhenTESOL, Qualitative Studies
Assistant ProfessorLee, Yi Chien Sociocultural Perspective on Language and Literacy Learning
Assistant ProfessorGerardo Fernandez-SalgueiroSpanish, Syntax
Assistant ProfessorChen, Alvin Cheng-HsienComputational Linguistics, Quantitative Corpus Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Functional Grammar
Assistant ProfessorTai, Brena Yu-Chen Contemporary US women of color literature, gender studies, Chicana feminism, Anzaldúan studies
Assistant ProfessorKung, Fan-Wei Bilingualism, Multilingualism, World Englishes, Language & Cultural Identities, Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition
LecturerChen, Chiou-MeiPragmatics, Language Testing and Assessment
LecturerJean E. CurranTESOL
Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorChang,Vincent Wu-changLinguistics, TESOL
Associate ProfessorWen-Ta TsengPsychometrics in SLA, Individual differences in language learning
LecturerSarah BrooksDrama
LecturerLi, Chang-Chun EdwardForeign Literature
LecturerIkuko SakaiJapanese
LecturerLi, Yi-chinTranslation
LecturerLee, Wen-chingJapanese
LecturerLi, Hsiao-YunFrench
LecturerYih, Chia-Ju EmilyTranslation
LecturerHsiao, Wen-ChienTranslation
LecturerWilliam YangLiterature
LecturerNick SumaresLiterature
LecturerArlene HsuTranslation
LecturerJohnson SheuLiterature
Joint Appointment
Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorLiang, Sun-chiehStudies in James Joyce, Ethics and Animality Studies
Job titleNameResearch expertise
ProfessorHo, Wen-Ching Seminar on Toni Morrison
ProfessorLee, Yu-chengContemporary British Fiction
ProfessorTing, Shan-HsiungEnglish and American Poetry
ProfessorTse, Kwock-Ping Johnphonology
ProfessorDai, Wei-YangApplied English
ProfessorHuang, Mei-jin LillianLinquistics, Austronesian Linquistics, Language Field Suvey, TESOL, Aboriginal Teaching
ProfessorChou, Chao-MingEnglish Poetry, Comparative Poetics
ProfessorLi, Ing Cherry Pragmatics, English Pronunciation, Functional Grammar, Phonetics
ProfessorFrank Stevenson19th–Century American Literature
ProfessorChuang, Kun-LiangStudies in James Joyce, Studies on Irish Literature
ProfessorChou, Chung-TienTESOL
ProfessorBiq, Yung-OCorpus Linguistics
ProfessorLai, Shou-ChengErotic Literature, Studies on Foucault
ProfessorWang, Liang-Chi 
ProfessorGu, Tian-Hong 
ProfessorChiu, Huan-Tang 
ProfessorChiu, Han-Ping 
ProfessorShih, Yu-hwei  
ProfessorMa Yang, Wan-Yun 
ProfessorChang, Yung-Chuan 
ProfessorChang, Chiang-Jen 
ProfessorChang, Chin-Sheng 
ProfessorChang, Fu-Kai 
ProfessorMei, Si-Tan 
ProfessorChen, Yung-Chao 
ProfessorChen, Peng-Hsiang 
ProfessorFu, Yi-Chin 
ProfessorTseng, Yuan-Pei 
ProfessorHuang, Tzu-Lai 
ProfessorTung, Chao-Hui 
ProfessorTeng, Yi-Lu 
ProfessorChiang, Tai-Hui 
ProfessorCheng, Han-Chou 
ProfessorLo, Ching-Che 
Associate ProfessorChu, Hui-meiTESOL
Associate ProfessorFeng, Ho-PingTESOL
Associate ProfessorLin, Hsueh-O Michelle Discourse Analysis, Semantics, Pragmatics
Associate ProfessorKuo, Huey-Jen GwendolinEnglish Romantic Poem
Associate ProfessorLiang, Ju-ChenEnglish Poem
Associate ProfessorStephanie ChenTESOL
Associate ProfessorYu, Yen-Chih 
Associate ProfessorChu, Yuan-Te 
Associate ProfessorHe, Hui-Ling 
Associate ProfessorWu, Kuang 
Associate ProfessorLi, Chang 
Associate ProfessorLi, Ping-Tzu 
Associate ProfessorChou, Chien-Hsien 
Associate ProfessorSun, Chia-I 
Associate ProfessorHsu, Chen-Mei 
Associate ProfessorMa, Chun-Ying 
Associate ProfessorChang, Hsien-Hsin 
Associate ProfessorLiang, Kuo-Chien 
Associate ProfessorHsu, Ta-Cheng 
Associate ProfessorChen, Hsiu-YING 
Associate ProfessorChen, Ching-Sha 
Associate ProfessorLiu, Chang-Lan 
Associate ProfessorLiu, Pi-Chun 
LecturerHuang, Yun-Hua 
LecturerSuzan Babcock 
LecturerYen, Ai-ChuLiterature
LecturerLee, Shih-WenTESOL
Contract Faculty
Job titleNameResearch expertise
Contract InstructorTzean, Yu-Shien Bess TESOL
Contract InstructorGraeme ToddTESOL
Contract InstructorEvan ColbertTESOL
Contract InstructorChiang, Pi-yuTESOL
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