Publication of March 2019 issue of Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies -- “The Specialness of Poetry”

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Poster:Ping-jung HoPost date:2019-03-31
Dear colleagues,

We take great pleasure in announcing the publication of the March 2019 issue of Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, “The Specialness of Poetry.” This special issue features one interview and six research articles. There are also two research articles on general topics. All articles are available on our website; for more information please visit http://www.concentric-literature.url.tw/.

Mary Goodwin and Aaron Deveson
Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies
Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, Vol. 45 No. 1 (March 2019)
Special Issue “The Specialness of Poetry”
Utopian Stock: David Constantine Interviewed by Aaron Deveson / Aaron Deveson
Divergent Convergent: Ricoeur, Derrida, and Metaphor / Kim-Su Rasmussen
Rowing to Sublimity: The “Stolen Boat” Episode from The Prelude / Robert Tindol
Cybernetic Warfare: The Cold War Poetics of Elizabeth Bishop / Gi Taek Ryoo
Mindfulness of the Drift”: Nomadic Formations in Peter Reading’s Evagatory/ Özlem Türe Abaci
The Language of Musicality in Lu Xun’s Prose Poetry Collection Wild Grass / Xiulu Wang
In the Family Way: A Round-Up of Some Recent Debut Poetry Collections in English / Aaron Deveson
Literary and Cultural Criticism
Breaking through the Rabbit-Proof Fence: Colonial Displacement and Aboriginal Resistance in Doris Pilkington Garimara’s Storytelling / Yu-wen Fu
The Problematic Countersign: On Love and Sinthomatic Eroticism in “Penelope” / Ching-ying Hsu
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