Concentric: Studies in Linguistics《同心圓:語言學研究》

Dear Scholars all over the world,

We are delighted to announce that Concentric: Studies in Linguistics Vol. 48 No. 2, edited by editors-in-chief Professor Wu, Hsiao-hung Iris and Professor Ning, Li-Hsin is is published online!

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1. A morphosyntactic and morphosemantic analysis of the Malay FEAR lexeme (Author(s): Siaw-Fong Chung (鍾曉芳)) (147–173)

2. Universality? Cross-linguistic influence? Evidence from Chinese and English apology response strategy use (Author(s): Chi-ting Alvan Chung (鍾季廷), Chun-yin Doris Chen (陳純音)) (174–211)

3. DEMOCRACY in Taiwanese presidential inaugural addresses Metaphors, source domains, scenarios, and ideologies (Author(s): Hsiao-Ling Hsu (許筱翎), Huei-ling Lai (賴惠玲), Jyi-Shane Liu (劉吉軒)) (212–248)

4. Expressing the existence of an event with ‘you (to have) + VP’ in Taiwan Mandarin A corpus-based investigation (Author(s): Aymeric Collart (理克), Hung-Kuan Su (蘇洪寬)) (249–284)

5. Degree adverbs in spoken Mandarin A behavioral profile corpus‑based approach to language alternatives (Author(s): Pei-Wen Huang (黃姵文), Alvin Cheng-Hsien Chen (陳正賢)) (285–322)

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Hsiao-hung Iris Wu & Li-Hsin Ning

Editors in Chief

Sung-Chuan Hu

Editorial Assistant

Concentric: Studies in Linguistics

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