Undergraduate Courses

Our bachelor’s degree program aims to cultivate competence in English and lay the basis for academic research and English teaching. In their freshman and sophomore years, students receive intensive education in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Moving on to their junior and senior years, the courses focus on professional abilities. Also, the department places an emphasis on core courses such as literature, culture, linguistics, and teaching proficiency. This demonstrates the depth and width of our program.

As for literature and culture, in addition to standard courses such as Introduction to Literary Works, English Literature, and American Literature, we offer a number of diverse and cross-department elective courses to include Asian and comparative viewpoints. With these courses, we aim to cover the latest in literary and cultural issues.

In the field of linguistics, we don’t just offer essential courses like Introduction to Linguistics and Language Analysis, but also elective courses, such as Syntax, Phonology, Semantics, Language Discourse, and Pragmatics. This course design covers the relationships between language and culture, society, psychology, and gender, to more fully illuminate and understand the close connections between language studies and daily life.

As for English teaching courses, by combining the results of empirical research and field experience in classes, following current trends in foreign language learning, we offer students the opportunity to apply what they have learned about “micro-teaching” and “teaching internship” in junior high or high schools.

Our program not only further improves our students’ English abilities, forming a solid foundation for developing literary, cultural, linguistic and teaching research skills, but also enhances critical thinking skills. We encourage our students develop an international outlook to help them succeed and lead in different fields.

Minimum credits required for graduation: 128
62 (required by the department) + 13 (must selected by the department) + 25 (elective) + 10 (liberal arts) + 18 (general education) = 128 +6 (physical education)