Academic YearSemesterStarting dateEvent titleName  SexTitleNationalityInstituteDepartment
2019Fall2019/10/16A Principle of Economy in L2 Grammar: Differences in Derivation Between L1 and L2 GrammarsProf. Shigenori WakabayashiMProfessorJapanChuo University Department of English Studies
2019Fall2019/10/18The link between linguistics and clinical linguistics: From theories to practiceProf. Cheung, Hin TatMProfessorHong KongThe Education University of Hong KongDepartment of Linguistics and Modern Languages
2019Fall2019/11/7Native American Authorship: Contexts and TextsProf. A. Robert LeeMProfessorUKUniversity of Kent, UKAmerican Literature
2019Fall2019/11/14The undergoer voices ma- and –en in Northern AmisProf. Isabelle Bril
FProfessorFranceAcadémie des sciences 
2019Fall2019/11/19Intercultural Communicative Competence RevisitedProf. TSUI, Amy Bik MayFProfessorHong KongThe University of Hong KongFaculty of Education
2019Fall2019/11/21Usage-based approaches to lexical semantics and meaning changeHong-Yin TaoMProfessorUSAUCLADepartment of Asian Languages and Cultures
2019Fall2019/12/10On Kritika KulturaDr. Maria Luisa T. ReyesFProfessorPhilipineUniversity of Santo TomasDepartment of English
2019Fall2019/12/12Flipped Content Courses for Language TeachersProf. Sung Yeon KIMFProfessorKoreaHanyang UniversityDepartment of English Education
2019Fall2019/12/24Writing for Scholarly PublicationProf. Paul Kei MatsudaMProfessorJapanArizona State UniversityDepartment of English
2019Fall2019/12/26Making Writing Assignments EngagingProf. Paul Kei MatsudaMProfessorJapanArizona State UniversityDepartment of English


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